Wednesday, July 8, 2009


When Jon D. Witmer sits down to draw--always with pencil, often with pen, and only with blood, sweat and tears in a metaphorical sense--he dives deep into the ocean of ideas and influences swirling throughout his brain. The result: these one-page idea pieces known as Anything is Everything Else!

Many thanks go to my girlfriend for inspiring this week’s episode; she casually asked a few weeks back if I would draw her sometime, and that germ of an idea was enough to lead my mind maundering down the path seen above. (I should also offer my apologies to my girlfriend, as this doesn’t really look like her.)

As the clock ticked down to my deadline, I sacrificed a few details, like the bowtie and smoking jacket that should be Walter the Dog’s trademarks. And, although I’d scripted the patterns that would appear in the background of each panel, the plan changed once I got into the actual business of drawing. For example, I’d intended to continue the use of lines, as seen in panel four, by running diagonal lines across panel six--the diagonals were supposed to underline how weird things were getting once Walter got his bubble pipe. Upon reaching that panel, however, I wasn’t comfortable with how the diagonals might look with the “bu-bloop” sound effect, and so instead I went back to the black rectangle from panel one, this time centering it around the woman’s head to suggest the blanket on her thoughts that leads to the final panel. (As for the dotted backgrounds, I really just liked how they looked.)

Let me know what you think, and bonus points for spotting the one ice-cream cone that’s not like the others. (Not an intentional decision on my part; in my rush to finish, I simply failed to notice this detail.) Check back next week for whatever’s next to spill out of my brain and onto the page…


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  1. I like the progression of thought in that comic. Nice ending with the black space.

    The last ice creme cone was the odd ball...i am pretty sure it was french vanilla, not normal vanilla, or at least that is what that portion of my computer screen tasted like.

    Keep up The DD...its awesome!

  2. Thanks for coming back to check out what's new, and good job spotting the French vanilla. Your bonus points are on their way...