Wednesday, July 15, 2009


When Jon D. Witmer sits down to draw--always with pencil, often with pen, and only with blood, sweat and tears in a metaphorical sense--he dives deep into the ocean of ideas and influences swirling throughout his brain. The result: these one-page idea pieces known as Anything is Everything Else!

Based on actual events!

Yes indeed, last weekend I made a fateful trip to Swain’s art store in Glendale, where I picked up some Copic and Pitt markers, Micron pens (my favorite since the old college days), a kneaded eraser and, of course, the infamous ink compass. Looking at my spoils upon my return home, I was briefly overwhelmed by the sense that I had to use everything right away to ensure my hard-earned money wasn’t spent in vain. Now, with this drawing behind me, I can say for certain the cash was well spent, although it’s going to take awhile before I know what I’m doing with the markers. (As for the ink compass, made by Staedtler, it was definitely worth every dollar.)

Inspired of late by minicomics, in particular the first seven issues of Adrian Tomine’s Optic Nerve (recently re-released in a terrific boxed set), I decided to go vertical for a change and work in the “traditional” minicomic 8.5”x5.5” size. This decision ignited a serious conflict in my heart of hearts as to whether the format disqualified the piece for the Anything is Everything Else moniker--after all, I’d gotten used to that series’ horizontally oriented 8.5”x6” yellow pages. However, as I sat scribbling potential titles, the realization dawned that Anything is Everything Else was born from my desire to experiment with comics, and that meant not restricting myself to any one particular page size, shape or orientation. After all, this is for the Web, so let’s shake things up.

Once again, thanks for taking a look, and please do come on back next Wednesday, when we’ll be celebrating The D.D.’s two-year anniversary on Blogspot. It’ll be a hoot!


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