Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Back in the good ol’ college days, I would often draw single panels on small pieces of paper; it really helped pass the time during geology class. (For the record, I now find geology fascinating, but back when I was majoring in film studies, I had a difficult time focusing on subjects like science and math.) This week’s page grew out of three of those old panels, which I recently found in an envelope, having miraculously survived the journey from Ohio to California some four years past. Although the original panels were drawn at different times and not meant to go together, rediscovering them now helped me see them in a new light, and I felt they nicely complemented one another. For your edification (or something hopefully approximating edification), here are the originals:

Reference for the street came from a photo my mom sent me a few months back to highlight the Cleveland winter I was missing. Here it is, a good reason to live in southern California:

See you next week with more new comics!

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  1. this is the second add to Anything is Everything is that also your sketch at the top...the awesome one with all the lines for shading? if so...dude..illustrate your own stuff from now on...even if it takes a long time. I don't want to compare styles, cause I know some artists hate that...but i see a little Steadman in there buddy...but tame, and dark, mysterious and illusive...I think you really have something going there. I can't wait to see whats next!

  2. And again, many thanks for the compliments. All the art in this post is indeed mine (except the photograph, taken by my mom's keen eye). My hope for the "Anything is Everything Else" series is that I'll get to stretch my legs, so to speak, and try and get comfortable doing my own drawings so eventually I can tackle some longer-form stories. The ideas just keep coming...