Friday, October 23, 2009


When Jon D. W. sits down to draw--always with pencil, often with pen, and only with blood, sweat and tears in a metaphorical sense--he dives deep into the ocean of ideas and influences swirling throughout his brain. The result: these one-page idea pieces known as Anything is Everything Else!

Experimenting with a bit of color here, albeit a limited palette. At the end of the day, I think I'm still more of a black-and-white kinda guy.

Bonus fun fact: This is the actual envelope (or at least a scan thereof) I wound up giving my buddy. What card was inside? The world may never know...

The complete Anything is Everything Else on The Danger Digest:

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All contents this post copyright Jon D. Witmer/The Danger Digest.


  1. Nice. For the inset I think a Cathy-esque protruded tongue would have been more expressive.

  2. I'd considered it, but my legal counsel expressed concern that Cathy's people might actually own the copyright on protruded tongues, and that's one camp I do not want to tangle with.

  3. i like the color...the black and white is good...but the color adds a little flava!