Friday, May 13, 2011


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... And we're back! Sorry to be posting so late today, but Blogger's been experiencing technical difficulties, preventing me from posting this morning (I swear I had the panel done on time!) and even making yesterday's panel temporarily disappear. But hey, that's just the world we live in. What's important is that we're up and running once again!

One more panel still to come this week. And fair warning: It's certain to be posted later in the day tomorrow, this time due to my own technical difficulties. Here's hoping it'll be worth the wait...


  1. Quite a lot of adorableness here, both from the man-made and natural camps. :)

  2. Thanks for commenting, Neil! I played around with a few different poses for Smokey, but in the end, the curious head tilt seemed the most appropriate--and it didn't hurt that it was also the cutest. After finally broaching the topic of lung cancer last week--and before digging deeper into it shortly--I thought it wise to reintroduce a bit of levity. Here's hoping it's the right approach!