Saturday, May 7, 2011


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Another week down! Sorry this is going up a bit late today, and sorry again for going Tuesday through Saturday--a schedule which, I'm afraid, I may have to follow yet again next week. Every time I think I might have a chance to get things back on track for Monday through Friday, life intervenes. Ah well. So it goes.

For anyone actually looking at this on the day it's posted--Saturday, May 7--don't forget that it's Free Comic Book Day! And for anyone who doesn't know what that is, it's the one day outta the year when, if you go to a comic-book store, you can get a free comic book! (The title kinda says it all, I guess.) I'm planning on stopping by Hollywood's own Meltdown Comics later this morning to check out some of the rad activities they've got scheduled to coincide with the book giveaway.

Alright, then. See you back here hopefully on Monday, but more likely on Tuesday, as Pipe Dope charges full steam ahead into Act 2. Yo-ho!

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