Friday, November 18, 2011


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I finally started reading Terry Moore's Echo. Terry Moore is a genius, a true cartoonist, and I envy every line he's ever committed to paper, whether it be with lead or ink.  And I totally cribbed the hatching along the bottom of today's panels from him. There's an elegance to the way he uses it that I know I don't have, but after all, this is my first time trying the technique. And, you know, Pipe Dope's all about giving me a chance to try new (for me) things.

In other news: In support of the Occupy movement, Whiskey & Fox, the "journal of poetry, theory, and queer-heterotopoi," is publishing a series of zines under the banner "Parks & Occupation," and the second issue features a one-page comic by yours truly. I'm thrilled to be included, and humbled by the company my comic keeps. Please click over to Whiskey & Fox's website, where you can download the issue in PDF format.


  1. really powerful strip, especially the line about the "one-day trial run".

    And yes, Terry Moore is a genius. Echo was very good, though I felt that the ending was rushed, with everything being resolved in a deus ex machina flash of light. I get that there wasn't really any other way to "fix" the two leads (since Julie was becoming a super-metal giantess, and Ivy was deaging into childhood and eventually nothingness), but the dramatic momentum built up faded really quickly in the final issue.

  2. Thanks, Neil! Pipe Dope's hitting increasingly rough terrain, and I'll be the first to admit I'm leaning a bit on formalist experimentation to keep some of the especially raw emotions at bay. That said, it's a great relief to hear that the resultant comic is still connecting with readers.