Monday, October 17, 2011


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Around the same time I read Elektra Assassin, I also read Brandon Graham's King City, which anyone and everyone with any interest in comics whatsoever should read. And then read again. And yet again, ad infinitum. Every single page of Graham's 12-issue opus exploded my brains with an all-consuming love for the medium and consistent proof that comics can--and should--do so much more than they usually do. Crazy-inspiring stuff. One small detail that's really stuck with me (and, come to think of it, an interesting complement to Elektra Assassin's caption boxes) is Graham's playful use of word balloons. They can convey a whole lot more than just words, and that's something I'm trying to take to heart.


  1. the leaking from the coughing word balloon is a really nice touch, albeit a brutal one.

  2. Thanks for noticing, Neil. There wasn't anything pleasant about that cough...