Monday, September 26, 2011

PIPE DOPE will return on Monday, October 10

So much for those 10 more panels I was hoping to post before the end of this month. There's been a lot going on lately that's been knocking my posting schedule all out of whack, but rather than bore you with all of the ins and outs, I'll let the image above speak to my main distraction. Rest assured, though, that Pipe Dope is far from finished, and I'll be hitting the ground running when Corinne and I get back from the honeymoon. #126 goes up on Monday, October 10. Hope to e-see you then!


  1. Congratulations, again! Looking forward to Pipe Dope's return.

  2. Thanks, Neil, and sorry for the slow response. The wedding went swimmingly, and now we're off for the honeymoon. Then: Back to work on Pipe Dope!