Friday, February 18, 2011


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Phew! Three weeks down! And now that General's been introduced, things can really start getting wacky. The adventure continues on Monday!


  1. Wanted to let you know that Whiskey & Fox will be plotting the progress of this project, and occasionally send our readers your way, or reminding them to send themselves your way. See our first reminder on the W/F blog now...

    Nice work.

  2. Holy moley, that's a hell of a review. If I ever find enough time to put together a minicomic collection of any of Pipe Dope's pages, I'm going to have to ask to use some--if not all--of that as a pull quote.

    Also, readers and friends, do yourselves a favor, head over to the Whiskey & Fox site, and prepare to have your minds blown into fourth wind.

    (And thanks to Ed for coining the phrase "blown into fourth wind." Ed, you know who you are.)