Monday, July 11, 2011


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Welcome back to more Pipe Dope! I hope the weekend treated everyone well, and maybe even provided the opportunity to read some swell comics. While I've found myself woefully short on reading time this year--what with making comics and all (not to mention holding down the day job and generally trying to keep my life on the rails)--there has been some great stuff gracing my ears of late. Namely, the top-notch comics podcast known as Indie Spinner Rack. Hosted by Charlito and Mr. Phil, the 'cast started back in '05, so I realize I'm wicked late showing up to the party--but better late than never, I always sometimes say. (It should also be noted that, as a weirdo completist, I started listening to the show from the beginning, so I'm still listening to content from '06. It seems to just keep getting better, though, and I can't wait until I'm caught up to the present day--probably right around the time I finish Pipe Dope...)

Also: I miss the smell of pipe smoke.

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