Monday, May 30, 2011


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Happy Memorial Day, welcome back to Pipe Dope, and many thanks for your patience during my one-week respite. It was a much-needed break and a terrifically productive one, to boot. While I didn't build a huge buffer for this week, I managed to get a bit ahead of schedule and, most importantly, I totally nailed down the outline going forward; while I've always known when and how Pipe Dope is going to end, the road map from here to there has been, admittedly, a bit hazy. Also, within that outline, I did schedule a few more weeks off to give myself a chance to occasionally catch my breath. So then, here's hoping for smooth sailing through to the end in early 2012.

More tomorrow. Yo-ho!


  1. I shouldn't take the physics of a child's imagination seriously, but I'm curious how a marshmallow peep could recover from injuries sustained by canine teeth. Do they also have vital organs made from sugary goodness?

    Oh, and welcome back.

  2. Thanks, Neil! Although they share the same name as the marshmallow peeps, these Peeps were actually Easter decorations constructed from wire and Styrofoam. I'm sure Blue Peep wore the scars of his run-in with Smokey, but he was nevertheless in good enough shape to carry on the good mission of the Animal Air Force.