Tuesday, February 23, 2010

John Cassaday Interview for American Cinematographer

Every now and again, I have the good fortune of being able to spin my love of comics into my day job at American Cinematographer magazine. Previous examples included when I wrote about the films Iron Man and Watchmen. Better yet, though, was a recent "assignment" I basically gave to myself: interview John Cassaday about his experience directing "The Attic," the 10th episode of Dollhouse's second season. The gig got me out to Fox Studios to visit the set two days in a row; then, with the edit nearly locked, John and I sat down for a long chat at the fantastic Joe's Great American Bar in Burbank.

The full interview has been posted to the American Cinematographer website; you can read it here. And if reading alone isn't enough to make you click the link, I'll also mention that John shared some of his storyboards, as well as his concept sketch of the tree that appears in the middle of the Dollhouse during the episode.


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